Horizontal Tanks

Series "D" and "E" deluxe and economy horizontal stainless steel tanks

  • Heavy Gauge Seamless Construction
  • Manways and Covers
  • Removable Steel Pipe Legs with Adjustable Floor Flanges or Cradles
  • All Types of Fittings Available
  • Deluxe Tanks: Polished Finish Throughout
  • Economy Tanks: No. 2B Finish In and Out with Inside Welds Ground Flush and Polished; Outside Welds have Heat Marks and Burrs Removed

G & F HORIZONTAL TANKS are especially suited for all applications when tank height is a major consideration.

Specifications for series "D" and "E" G&F horizontal stainless steel tanks



Gauges and Measuring Sticks

All styles and sizes of tanks can be equipped with either open or closed liquid level gauge glasses. The open type is covered with a hood on top and the bottom fitting is connected to the wall of the tank. In the closed type, both top and bottom are connected to the wall of the tank. Alternatively a measuring stick can be supplied to hang over the top edge and extend into the tank.

Anti-swirl baffles

Bolted or welded to lugs on the tank walls.


Mechanical & Air actuated Valves

  • Flush
  • Ball
  • Gate
  • Plug
  • Diaphragm
  • Globe
  • Sanitary & others