The G&F Piston Filler

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Piston Fillers are ideal for filling thick Creams, Gels, Pastes, Spaghetti Sauce, Bar-B-Que Sauce etc.
  1. This Pneumatically operated bench model piston filler is designed to fill from 1 oz to 20 oz jars.
  2. All Stainless Steel Triclover fittings make it easy for disassembling and thorough cleaning.
  3. All contact parts and base are made out of stainless steel.
  4. Piston fillers dispense viscous products through autoclaveable drip free nozzle.
  5. Piston fillers are pneumatic and the drawing and filling speeds can be varied. They do not require a 12 gallon hopper, although they are available as an optional item.
  6. Piston fillers will require a compressor with an air supply of 4.0 cubic feet/minute.

1 oz to 20 oz filler
8 oz to 32 oz filler
8 oz to 64 oz filler
12 Gallon Hopper (Optional)
 Delivery available in two weeks