A wide range of sizes and styles of Glass, Plastic or Metal containers can be handled. Simple - Rapid - Economical - Uniform Filling

J-1 Siphon Filler

The J-1 Siphon Filler with five complete spouts

The J-1 Siphon Filler, originally designed and offered by Filpaco Industries Inc. is now being manufactured by G & F Manufacturing Company, Inc. in their Filpaco Tank & Siphon Filler Division, carrying on Filpaco's tradition of quality and workmanship.

G & F made J-1 siphon filler applications for acids, chemicals, cologne, cosmetics, detergents, extracts, foaming liquids, juices, liquid soaps, liquor, medicinal, oils, shampoo, solvents, syrups, vinegar, wine and many other liquids.

  • An economical unit for medium and small production filling.
  • Fills containers ranging in size to 1 gallon
  • Free-flowing and low viscosity liquids of virtually all types are readily handled.
  • Uniform fill improves package appearance
  • Unskilled operators keep operating costs at a minimum
  • Ruggedly built for years of lasting satisfaction
  • Quality workmanship insures accurate and dependable operation

For maximum production, eight Siphon Filling Spouts are generally used for most container sizes up to and including quarts. Five spouts are recommended when handling half-gallons and gallons. Selection of filling nozzle size depends principally on the size of the container and mouth opening.

The filler will handle from 3 to 30 containers per minute depending upon the product, size of container and nozzle size required.