For over half a century, Filpaco Industries Inc. of Chicago has designed tanks to bring you the chemical resistance, the ruggedness and durability of Stainless their high standards of quality and workmanship. Now G & F Manufacturing Company, Inc. has taken over from Filpaco to carry on their proud tradition. G & F Manufacturing Company Stainless Steel Tank Division's equipment is unequalled in quality ,durability and appearance. Modern manufacturing techniques and automated equipment offer Standard and Custom Tanks built to exacting standards of quality and workmanship at attractive prices. Our G & F Manufacturing Filpaco Tank Division can supply a complete line of open top and closed top vertical and horizontal storage and mixing tanks with capacities up to 10,000 gallons.

Please click on the picture below to get a detailed description of the G & F Vertical and Horizontal tanks.

Vertical Tanks

Horizontal Tanks